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چاپ اندامهای انسان: چاپگرهای سه بعدی برای کودکان نیازمند دست می‌سازند

Griffin Matuszek’s life changed last fall, when the kindergartner traveled from North Bethesda to Baltimore to get a 3-D printed glow-in-the-dark prosthetic hand fit for a superhero — or at the very least, a robotic transformer. read more

houston brain-machine interface

Researchers Build Brain-Machine Interface to Control Prosthetic Hand8

March 31, 2015 A research team from the University of Houston has created an algorithm that allowed a man to grasp a bottle and other objects with a prosthetic hand, powered only by his thoughts.   The technique, demonstrated with a 56-year-old man whose right hand had been amputated, uses non-invasive brain monitoring, capturing brain activity to determine what parts of the brain are involved in grasping an object. With that information,…